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About The Fast Connect Diagnostic Tool

Installation and Use

  1. Click here to download the Fast Connect Diagnostic Tool.
  2. When prompted to Run or Save the application, choose Save so that you can run the tool whenever you wish.
  3. FastConnectDiagnostics.exe will be saved to the location of your choosing, with the below icon.
  4. Double click on the icon to open the tool.
  5. Click Start to run the diagnostic Tool.$$$$$
  6. If any of the services return a Red bar, there is a connections issue between your computer and the Fast Connect services. Make sure that Fast Connect is in the Safe or Allowed list for your firewall preferences. View the instructions below for additional information.

How to configure your firewall

If any of these testing points cannot connect, then Fast Connect will not be able to function effectively, and you will need to configure your computer and network to unblock the executables.

The Fast Connect executable files which need to be allowed full access are IDVault.exe, and IDVaultSvc.exe. Both of these files can be found in the installation directory, which by default is located at C:\Program Files\Fast Connect Protection Suite on your computer.

If you are unsure of how to configure your computer or network firewall, consult the support group for that product, or your IT department, for instructions on how to unblock a program, or check our list of tutorials below.

Firewall Tutorials

You must restart your computer after making this adjustment to the firewall

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