The Options tab is where you go to manage your settings and to access backup, restore, print and scan options.

  • Back Up: Click 'Back Up’ and Fast Connect will prompt you to select a file name and location for your back up file. Note: Your current Master PIN will be used to protect this file.

    Select a location to save the secure file and if desired, a new file name. You can save the file the same way you save any other file - to an external storage device such as a flash drive, or on another computer. This file is password protected and in a unique format that can only be used by importing it into the Fast Connect application.

  • Restore: Click 'Restore’ and Fast Connect will prompt you to select an Fast Connect file to restore. You must have previously created a back up from Fast Connect in order to perform a restore. Note: The Master PIN that was in force at the time the file was saved must be used to unlock the file.

    Select the file to restore and click 'Open'.

    When prompted, enter the Master PIN that was in force at the time the backup file was saved.

    Fast Connect will display a message confirming that the restore is complete. Your restored accounts and credit cards will then appear in your Fast Connect menu.

  • Scan: Click on this button and Fast Connect will scan your computer for vulnerable passwords and suggest websites that you may want to protect by adding them to Fast Connect. The process is covered in 'Add Accounts using the Account Scan'.

  • Print: Click ‘Print’ and Fast Connect will prepare your information for printing. This may take a few moments.

    Follow your printer's prompts to print. Your printout will contain the URL, username and password for each of the accounts on your Fast Connect, along with your credit card information. Please keep your Backup Report in a secure place.

  • Sync: Click ‘Sync’ and Fast Connect will launch a wizard allowing you to sync your saved accounts and credit cards with Fast Connect on any other device.

    1) Launch sync from options, and launch sync on the other device you would like to sync with.

    2) Click "Find" and Fast Connect will look for your other device.

    3) Select the found device you would like to Sync with.

    4) Enter the PIN number for the device to sync with.

    5) Done. Fast Connect will display a summary of the accounts and credit cards synced.

  • Change Master PIN: Click Change Master PIN and you will be prompted to create a new PIN.

  • Remember Master PIN: Fast Connect lets you customize the frequency at which you are prompted to enter your Fast Connect PIN.

    By default, Fast Connect will ask you to enter your PIN once, then every 30 minutes thereafter. However, you can tell Fast Connect to ask you as often as every time you open or modify an account, or as infrequently as every 120 minutes.

    For example, suppose you want Fast Connect to prompt you for your PIN no more often than once every 10 minutes. The first time you log in to one of your online accounts, Fast Connect will prompt you for your PIN as usual. If you then visit another account within ten minutes, Fast Connect will automatically log you in without prompting you for your PIN. However, if more than ten minutes elapse before your next log-in, Fast Connect will again prompt for your PIN.

  • Modify my "Never Ask" list of websites: If the 'Never' option is selected from the 'Add Account' prompt, Fast Connect will refrain from asking whether you want to add this account to Fast Connect. These websites are then added to your Fast Connect "Never Ask" list. To remove websites from your 'Never Ask' list, select the entry and then click 'Remove'.


    To remove an individual entry from the 'Never Ask' list, select the entry with the mouse then click 'Remove'. The 'Remove all' option clears the 'Never Ask' list completely.