Getting Started

Downloading and installing Fast Connect is fast and easy. You can be up and running in less than 3 minutes.

  1. Download and install the Fast Connect software
  2. Create your Master PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  3. Import your online accounts from the account scan
  4. Log in to your accounts once from Fast Connect to set up one-click access

1. Download and Install the Fast Connect software

Click on the Fast Connect download link and follow the prompts to download the Fast Connect software. When this screen appears, click Run to begin the download process.



Once the download is complete, the Fast Connect End User License Agreement screen appears. Indicate your acceptance of the terms of the Software License Agreement by clicking 'I Agree'.


2. Create your Master PIN

Once the application is installs, it will ask you to create a 4-8 digit Master PIN (Personal Identification Number). Use your mouse to click the numbers on the PIN pad to create your PIN. You will need to enter your PIN each time you start up your Fast Connect.

3. Enable the Fast Connect Addon

If you have IE9 or IE10 installed on your PC, you will need to enable support for Fast Connect. Click ‘OK’ on the screen shown below and an IE window will open.


On the IE web page, simply click on ‘Enable’ as indicated. IE will then be optimized for Fast Connect and the web page will automatically close.


4. Setup your accounts quickly with the wizard

Select the type of account you would like to save from the menu.

Enter your username/password and click Setup.

When you are finished click 'Done Adding Accounts' and then 'Finished'.

You can leave your Protection Suite open in the background. If you close it, you can reopen it at any time by clicking on the icon in your computer’s system tray.